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We’re the insurance provider for e2save, part of the wider Carphone Warehouse group. Cover includes theft and accidental damage, so if you ever need to make a claim you can be confident you are in safe hands, and that it is easy and straight forward to do. When you buy a mobile phone from our company, we'll give the option of insurance cover free for one month. After that, you will automatically roll on to a paying contract, so if you don't want to stay with us, let us know by calling 0870 111 7002.

What’s covered?

As well as free insurance cover for the first month, Phone Care also gives you the benefit of protection against:

  • Accidental damage
  • Damage from water or other liquids
  • Theft
  • Accessories being stolen or damaged (Up to a current retail value of £100)

Theft or damage (See clauses 2 and 3)
If your phone is stolen, we may replace it with a similar one. If your phone has been damaged, we may repair it. If we can't repair it, or the cost of repair is too high, we'll replace it with a similar one.

Accessory cover (See clause 4)
If we replace your phone under this policy, we’ll also replace any accessories designed to be used with the phone, up to a current retail value of £100.

When we refer to clauses, you’ll find them in our terms and conditions.

How to contact Phone Care


To make a claim:
0870 111 7002 and press 1


To cancel a policy:
0870 111 7002 and press 2


For general queries:
0870 111 7002 and press 3

What's not covered?

Loss (see clause 6)

  • You aren’t covered for loss of your phone

Damage and theft (see clause 6)

To be covered for theft, remember that you must report it to your network provider within 24 hours of first noticing your phone missing. You must also report any deliberate damage or theft to the police within 48 hours. And, you must get a crime reference number from the police showing that you've made the report.

  • We won’t cover your phone or accessories being damaged or stolen if you’ve left them in a public place.
  • We won’t cover your phone or accessories being stolen or damaged on a boat less than three metres long.
  • We won’t cover any damage to your phone or accessories that happens abroad more than 60 days after you left the UK.
  • We won’t cover your phone or accessories being damaged or stolen if they were left in a motor vehicle.
  • We won’t cover your phone or accessories being damaged or stolen as a result of something you or any person using the phone have done or not done to make this more likely to happen.

Excess (see clause 1)

The excess is the amount you must pay toward the cost of each claim you make. You’ll find the amount on your insurance certificate

Accessories (see clause 4)

We’ll replace accessories (any additional electrical mobile phone products bought at the same time as, and to be used with, the mobile phone covered by this policy) as long as they were stolen or damaged at the same time as your phone. We’ll only cover accessories that you bought from the retailer you purchased your handset from. You may be asked to provide a receipt or proof of purchase.

Unauthorised calls (see clause 6)

You aren't covered for the cost of calls made by an unauthorised user of your phone.
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