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Windows Phone 8S – Tricks and Tips

Enabling a talking caller ID

If you would like your device to announce who is calling you, then from the homescreen, scroll to the right and choose Settings. Easy of access. Then tap Speech for phone accessibility.

Linking Mail Inboxes

If you want to keep your email inboxes linked together, so that all you mail receives handily in one place, you can use the ‘link inboxes’ option. Simply go into one of the email accounts you want to link and hit the bottom three full stops. Select ‘link inboxes’ and then choose the two inboxes you want to link up.

Know That Ringtone

You won’t need to install Shazam app onto your device, because the operating system has its own song-recognition feature built into the Search tool. Just tap the hardware Search button and tap the music icon in the bottom toolbar. The device will listen for tone and tell you what track is playing, along with a link to buy that track in the store.

Adding Email Signature

If you’re not interested in the boring tagline “Sent from my” at the bottom of your emails, you can easily replace it. Simply tap on a mailbox, tap open the More menu at the bottom, then tap Settings. Notice that Windows Phone allows you to add a different signature for each account, so you can add professional signature for business purpose and one for personal purpose.

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