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HTC Windows Phone 8S

HTC Windows Phone 8S Review

This 4 inch high resolution smart phone brings you the balance between your colourful life and work. The first thing which stands out from the smartphone is that it’s got a variety of bright colours. It immediately sets you apart from the rest of the other smart phones which has only one colour. This phone is the second phone to have Windows operating system, first being the Nokia Lumia 620.
The phone is priced from at a modest GBP 150+ if you would like to go for the pay-as-you-go option.

Key features which help you decide:

  • Vibrant colours: To project your inner personality onto your phone.
  • Personalisation: the ability to have life feed using the live titles.
  • The built-in beats audio: provides you studio quality sound for all of your environment, on the go
  • Camera button: allows you to take instant photos without having to unlock the phone
  • Easy grip: its rubber rare texture extends around to the sides of the phone enabling you to grip the phone easily and survive the occasional odd tumble
  • Documents on the go: Enables you to easily open and edit Office documents on the go
  • Battery: HTC has a great long-life batter enabling you to shoot more photos and videos and share them


Windows application store does not have the wide range to choose when compared with Android and Apple stored.

 Here at Obil you can choose HTC Windows 8S for as little as 149.95 with T-Mobile. The phone is completely unlocked, enabling you to choose your favourite provider by simply replacing the SIM.

Enjoy your brand new HTC Windows 8S.

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