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Benefits of Pay as you go phones for students

Student life is the best

Student days are the best days of your life, I had most of my fun when I was studying at Sussex. Those were the days of freedom and also time to build your dreams. There is also one important aspect of student life which is very important and very easily overlooked by many, that is money.

Now with growing costs of education it is only wise to take control of your expenses. One rule in any subject is that in order to have control, first you need to understand it.

Mobile phones are now an essential part of everybody’s life, especially students when you have to stay connected with your mates. Maintaining mobile phone bills are easy only if you can go with the option of ‘Pay as you go’. I have listed some key benefits of pay as you go phones for you.

Benefits of pay as you go phone


You are in control

- You get to stay in control of your phone bills, there is never going to be a bill which can surprise you or even shock you. So you can plan your weekly finances around your necessities. 



If for some unfortunate reason your mobile phone gets stolen or lost, you will only loose the phone but you can have peace of mind that the bills are not going to come back and bite you.


Stay trendy

Compared to current 24 month pay monthly phones where you have to use the same phone for two years, you can change your phones every 12 months and get a new phone.

At OBIL we sell only Pay as you go phones and in the past 3 years we have helped many students like you to get a better deal for your money. At OBIL when you buy a pay as you go phone you not only get a fully unlocked phone, you also get a FREE £10 top up; along with FREE UK delivery.

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